Working on Dovetail and BeWell
Available from Sept 2024
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Hello, I'm Noam 👋

Social Entrepreneur, Digital Designer and No-coder

Hi, I'm Noam 👋

Independent designer for social impact. I build digital products with purpose-led teams.


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2020 → 2023

SIDE stands for Social Impact Digital Explorers. We used research, design & no-code tools to help charities make an impact.

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Design Club CIC


2018 → 2024

Design Club is a social enterprise and non-profit. Through a network of design mentors, we reached over 2,500 young design thinkers.

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Mint Digital


2004 → 2017

Mint Digital was a digital agency & startup studio. We were a diverse team of strategists, designers and engineers in London and New York.


Workshop Design & Facilitation

I design and facilitate workshops for teams, partners, and end users. I normally use workshops to educate, gather requirements, generate ideas, or co-design solutions.

User & Product Research

1-2-1 interviews are my go-to research method. I’ll draft a discussion guide to uncover desires, behaviours and attitudes towards an issue, topic, product or service.

Research Synthesis & Journey Mapping

I highlight learning and insights with visual presentations. Typical outputs are personas and journey maps, to help explore the problem and solution space.

Planning & Strategy

I help to plan projects through workable timelines, budgets and other tactical pieces. I think strategically about how we collaborate, approach technology and solve problems.

Design & User Experience

I create wireframes to demonstrate a user experience. I use Figma and Miro for easy sharing and collaboration. I lean on design systems and patterns to test and learn quickly.

Prototyping & Build

I’m a no-code advocate. I build clean, accessible websites with Webflow. I use Airtable for data. Zapier and Make for automations. Carrd, Notion and Super for simpler sites.


Image of many logos, for Dovetail


Initiative Lead

Dovetail helps charities find a digital partner. I've been building and managing Dovetail since 2020, shortly after completing a research project at CAST. Dovetail is funded by Catalyst and lists over 250 tech for good partners.

Image of many faces, for Agencies for Good

Agencies for Good

Working Group Member

Agencies for Good is a community of agencies and freelancers. More than 1,100 of us hang out on a dedicated Slack, supporting each other to do socially impactful work. I helped to shape and govern the space as a Working Group member.

Spaces for Men logo

Spaces for Men

Passion Project

Spaces for Men is a personal project. It's a directory of spaces to help men to connect, reflect and grow. I've become curious and appreciative of these spaces. So, I thought I'd list and share them, in case others find them useful.


Design Education

I set up Design Club to teach kids design thinking. Nurturing empathy, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. I've also coached many charities.

Migrant Justice

I volunteered in Calais in 2016. I've also worked 6 years in the migrant sector. I'm working with Refugee Action to develop BeWell, a staff wellbeing project.

Mental Health

My experience of burnout in 2022 gave me a greater appreciation of mental health. I made Spaces for Men. I'm inspired by Self Space.

Social Sector

I've worked with CAST and Catalyst to help build digital capacity. I created Dovetail to help charities find a digital partner.


I set up SIDE Labs, a no-code studio. We built 40+ digital products for non-profits using  low-code tools, such as Webflow and Airtable.


I cycle in the Surrey Hills and love a good multi-day cycle through France. For freedom, adventure and health.


Currently curious about mental health. Dabbling in AI. Also doing a woodworking course.


Day Rate

I charge £500 per day for strategy, research, design and build work. I offer discounts to non-profits.

Project Size

This depends on requirements. Typically, somewhere between 5 and 50 days. That's £2,500 to £25,000.


I'm open to collaborating on early stage ideas and joining purpose-led startups. For steer, see my ventures and passions.

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